Clitoral Labia Jewelry Ladies Clip Czech Glass Drop 6 Colors

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Non-piercing clitoris / labia jewelry with flexible stainless clip 

Can be molded own shape by yourself and comfortably fitted around your clit and inner lips.
BoDivas' Ladies Clip™ is not a painful spring back type and we do not recommend to those who prefer strong clips.

Clip: made of 100% stainless, approx. 6 cm (2 3/8 inches) length

Dangle: drop shaped Czech glass, rhodium silver plated iron chain

Using Japanese top brand's high durable color metal parts. 

You can check how to use this type of clips by searching for "clit clip girls" on the internet.
*Caution: The searching is for ADULT.

All shipping as "Fashion Straps" on customs declaration label. Brand name and logo of BoDivas are invisible on envelope.

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Normally take 7days to arrive to EU and Asia, 10days to North America/Oceania.